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Carol Youorski
aka “SKERT”

Atlanta, GA USA
Iron Butt Association
SS1K, SS5K, BB1500, BBG,
ButtLite II, IronButt 2001—finisher and done!
AMA #328269
BMWMOA #64389
MOM #1

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Carol Youorski is known far and wide as Skert—because she wears one! At 5' 3", weighing in at 118 lbs, and with a measured inseam of 30" with boots on, Carol feels quite comfortable aboard a BMW R1150 GS with its 31.5 inch seat height and its nearly 600 pounds. Carol intends to team up with the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation to take multiple “Roads to a Cure” in supporting the fight against breast cancer. As a surgeon’s assistant and the friend of a 35 year old breast cancer victim, Carol has a deep personal interest in helping fight breast cancer.

Carol says, “I owe so much of what I’ve learned to the many women who've encouraged me to try. I did and now it is payback time. I want to show women that they can do it! OK, so my feet don’t exactly reach the ground on the R1150 GS—I can still hold up that bike. I have the passion and determination to succeed. I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to—proving it over and over. Now I want to empower other women and men to go out and find their dreams and passions.”

Breast Cancer Research

Carol is the captain of the Moto crew for both the Komen3DAY and the Atlanta 2DAY walks. The Atlanta 2DAY give over 70% of money to Atlanta breast cancer organization.

Order the 2007 MotoCrew Calendar today! Not only will you help out the Atlanta 2DAY organization, but you will have fun doing it!

Dropped Bike

One of the ways that Carol has been helping other women and men with motorcycling is by teaching them a very simple way to pick up their bike. For more information, go to the Dropped Bike Pick-Up page. Carol says, "I go all over the US putting on this demonstration, which I learned from Gin Shear at a BMW RA rally about three years ago." You can find out more about the technique as well as some of the locations and rallies that have featured Carol’s seminars on the About page.

Iron Butt

Carol had a dream to compete in the 2001 Iron Butt Rally—turning 50 the day it started. But could she really ride over 11,000 miles in 11 days? Could she learn to read and operate all the “fancy” electronics required to be competitive in the Iron Butt? Read all about her adventure on Skert’s Stories page.


When Carol is not out riding, you will probably find her camped under the red hot chili peppers at Two Wheels Only with her pot of coffee close at hand. If you have not watched her pack her bike, you will have to put that on your “To Do” list. Carol knows how to pack a motorcycle! And of course—she does it all in a skirt!

Ride Sister Ride

Riding on the back of my sisters' bike we fly

over the country side, like birds skimming by

I could feel her grin

as I throw up my hands to grab a piece of the wind.

My sister is small with a mighty horse engine.

A metal steed, to give her speed

To follow her dreams and fly to the stars

She spins her tires on old Orion

as she follows a moonbeam down.

On canyons edge she rides along,

living her life to the max.

To cross the cracks she gives it the gas,

leaving her dust in the air.

On our way back to the earth

she reeves up the horse

as over a rainbow we go.

Its colors flow as we sail along

taking us back to the road.

She gives me a hand

as we step on the land

and laugh together with helmets in hand

as the wind plays with our hair.

For my Sister Carol Youorski (Skert)

By Sally Y. Weber


“A woman who rides a motorcycle is in tune with the universe, a candidate for high adventure.” Celestine Sibley

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