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Carol Youorski
aka “SKERT”

Atlanta, GA USA
Iron Butt Association
SS1K, SS5K, BB1500, BBG,
ButtLite II, IronButt 2001—finisher and done!
AMA #328269
BMWMOA #64389
MOM #1

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Skert’s the talk of the town (web... :-)!

Talking about Skert!

There is so much to say about this talented and vivacious lady. However, rather than take our word—why not read what so many other sites have said? We think that you will enjoy!


About the Dropped Bike Demos:

  Click on the to view the associated website...
American Motorcyclist “Ride Smart” article featuring Carol.
The Internet BMW site has documented the Dropped Bike Seminar.
At the 2002 Americade Rally, Carol did a seminar on “Women Who Ride” and the “Dropped Bike”.
2002 AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference in Buckhannon, WV
1999 BMW MOA International Rally in Rhinebeck, NY

About the Iron Butt and Pony Express:

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The Iron Butt 2001 Rally data.
The official Iron Butt 2001 standings.
Karol Patzer talks about women who ride and ride and ride...

About Anything—Everything!

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MotoLight talks about Skert’s efforts to be more visible and how their lights help.
MotoMama talks about Skert, the dropped bike, and her fund-raising efforts.
Rollin Ezine talks about Skert’s long distance riding.

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